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Become who you want to be with Proven solution focused hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy for addictions – a higher success rate than psychotherapy. Extensive research has shown that hypnotherapy is far more successful in the treatment of addictions to alcohol & substance abuse. The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis in 2004 reported its findings of a hypnotherapy treatment programme for substance abuse disorders:

At the one year follow-up, the programme demonstrated a success rate of nearly 80%.
Most people use addictive substances or engage in potentially addictive activities without experiencing significant problems. Mostly these substances or activities have a calming or soothing effect and do us no harm whatsoever. It is when we cannot face certain facts about our lives that we seek relief from greater and greater quantities of the lifestyle drugs and substances currently available to us. Once a pattern of addiction has been established, the brain and body work in tandem to become tolerant of the abusive excess, resulting in an ever-increasing need for either the substance, or to engage more and more in damaging behavior or process.

The Process in therapist Rick’s own words:

 “At the initial meeting you will describe the problem ( and/or proposition ) as you see it – you may after all want to improve your golf swing or piano technique. I will explain how the brain works and how this therapy ( SFH or more correctly Solution Focused Brief Therapy as enhanced by Clinical Hypnotherapy) works in conjunction and synchronicity with it. Any questions will be answered and reservations or misgivings addressed, and the scene hopefully set to arrange an effective first session.
During the first session, hypnotherapy will follow  further discussion and agreement as to goals and ambitions for this treatment. A relaxation cd will be supplied at the first meeting so that you can grow accustomed to the sound and rhythm of my voice  as an aid to rejuvenating and productive sleep. The costing, frequency and spacing of sessions will be agreed between us as we progress. For example: a simple habit/addiction like smoking can be dealt with in one session of approx 1.5 hrs ( currently at a reduced total cost of £50:00 ), whereas depressive personality traits and obsessive behavior may take half a dozen sessions to start to notice substantial change. Whatever else happens, you should feel relaxed, refreshed and empowered after each session.
I was fascinated by hypnotherapy as a mature graduate psychology student who needed desperately to quit a 60+ per day smoking habit, which was only getting worse as end of term exams approached. I took the plunge and attended the Clifton Practice – Bristol – ( which is where I later trained ). The practitioner I saw gave me the power to kick the habit. The great news is that this technique can be applied to all other areas of your life – hence I am now in a position to encourage its discovery and use in others.”

Rick Bush

Hypnotherapy Solution based guidance used to remedy addictions and why it’s so effective.

 Stop panic attacks, anxiety & worrying all the time.
Proven relief with Hypnotherapy

 Hypnotherapy used effectively by a properly trained hypnotherapist can completely bypass your conscious mind and facilitate a unique and very strong communication with your unconscious mind which is the part that controls the addictive patterns and behavior.
Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool that can be used to build self-esteem and confidence, behaviors and feelings that are often lacking in those addicted to damaging substances. It can be utilized to develop a sense of welcome independence and control, so that whatever situations are encountered can be dealt with without self-abuse.
Hypnotherapy can actually make the experience of engaging in the substance or process abuse inconvenient! and unwanted, which often comes as a wonderful surprise to those individuals previously held in the grip of chronic alcoholism or drug abuse.
Depression and anxiety are states that often accompany addictions can melt away under proper guidance. Hypnotherapy is a freeing modern mind technology bringing a wonderful way to build positive optimism for a client’s future. People can easily be brought back to reconnect with the useful skills and resources within themselves.

Many broken relationships
are rebuilt in time as therapy progresses

Most clients feel relaxed and positive for the first time in years as they realize their goals can be achieved and they do not have to remain slaves to their long established damaging behaviors at the very first meeting. Everything is provided to realize an early onset to recovery that can really speed-up the treatment process.
Hypnotherapy may often uncover past incidents or erroneous patterns of thinking that may be underpinning the emotions and negative states that we have created which support addictions. Often, we have no conscious recall of these times. However, our unconscious mind remembers everything and hypnotherapy represents a rapid, effective and gentle way of achieving a new understanding. Although we can’t change what’s happened in our pasts, what we can change is our emotional responses and the way we feel about them as we are bought to a clearer understanding of how we became trapped. We can all be shown how to think and feel differently in the present.
In a comparative study of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of methadone addicts, in the six month follow-up 94% of the hypnotherapy group remained narcotic-free and experienced significantly less discomfort (American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 1984). All reported greatly improved standards of living in terms of feeling happier and more in control of their lives.
Celebrities who’ve used hypnotherapy to beat addictions. The number of well-known people using this modern breakthrough in sheer mind power to overcome various addictions is still growing. Ben Stiller, the famous American actor used hypnotherapy to deal with his addiction to peanut M&Ms, losing all of his unwanted weight gains, whilst GMTV weather girl Andrea McLean revealed that she kicked her chocolate addiction with the help of hypnotherapy.
Numerous celebrities have gone on record as saying that they’ve used hypnotherapy to quit smoking, often when nothing else has worked. These include Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore and Billy Joel.

Break the patterns now!

Overcome drug addiction and alcoholism on Bristol UK  0117 973 7369 mob.Mob: 07826 403098 for free initial consultation and start the process of positive change so that at some time in the future you will look back with a smile of self satisfaction.


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Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool that can be used to build self-esteem and confidence, behaviors and feelings that are often lacking in those addicted to damaging substances. It can be utilized to develop a sense of welcome independence and control, so that whatever situations are encountered can be dealt with without self-abuse.

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